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Seterra is an online map-trivia game with thousands of quizzes about territories and highlights of all global countries, especially the Seterra 50 states quiz. Let's explore this special game through 4 main sections below and the first one is Online Seterra!

Online Seterra

This map game includes many different versions, but the most prominent version is the Seterra online version.

This online game was developed by GeoGuessr in 2016 and it quickly became one of the outstanding puzzle games of the year. After many development years, the GeoGuessr's game still is in the rankings of top online games. In particular, with 90,000+ monthly volumes, this game is always a formidable competitor to other map games.

Why is this GeoGuessr Seterra game so attractive? To answer this question, let's learn about the game's features!

  • The game includes a series of countries in many different territories. Players have diverse opportunities to choose their favorite region and country. In addition to the default English language, it's also possible to change language with 40+ options. This feature helps the game spread increasingly around the world, especially United States.
  • Players not only take quizzes about the map but also about other features such as flags, lakes, islands, cities, and landmarks. The puzzle variety is always an impressive feature of this game genre. In order to get more details about these two features, you can follow up later in the coming sections!
  • The gameplay and controls are simple to suit many ages and generations. A yellow cat will guide and ask questions to the players. Players just need to click on the appropriate answer.
  • Graphics and effects are also a notable feature. Although this quiz game does not have eye-catching effects and graphics, the image of a yellow cat moving around the world leaves a deep impression on players. GeoGuessr knows how to impress players with iconic images.

With all the factors mentioned, this map game still maintains its ranking in the gaming world. Now, let's learn more about Maps in more detail.

Seterra Maps

Seterra maps include many regions and countries with different elements. All of them will be divided into many different quiz maps.

Seterra Map Quiz

The map puzzles are endless in this online game with many locations. Some prominent locations are the United States, North & Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia & Oceania.

These destinations are all famous and they are key locations around the world. Besides, with this number of locations, players can experience almost all countries and territories around the world.

For example:

  • South America includes general map puzzles for the entire region. In addition, players can also select specific countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Venezuela.
  • Africa has typical countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Angola, Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Sudan, Senegal, and Ethiopia. These countries may all appear in upcoming Seterra map puzzles. Don't forget to memorize them!
  • Asia is also mentioned with many criteria and prominent countries such as Japan, Russia, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, and Sri Lanka. Besides, Asia is also divided into many regions such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, and The Middle East.
  • Oceania is a special region with the prominent country of Australia. Besides that, there are a few other notable countries such as Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Vanuatu, Palau, Marshall Islands, and Tonga. The countries may be new to many players so they always bring great new experiences.

In addition to specific countries and regions, you can also take part in world map quizzes such as Parts of the World, OECD Member Countries, G20 Member Countries, NATO Member Countries, 90 Most Populous Countries, 32 Smallest Countries By Area, and 50 Largest Countries By Area. The quizzes focus on a specific element around the world and each country. All will be shown through each GeoGuessr project.

All GeoGuessr's Projects

GeoGuessr projects focus on a different area and the quizzes will revolve around different areas and elements.

Some prominent projects are Seterra Countries of Europe Map Quiz, Countries of Europe Flag Quiz, North and Central America, Countries of Europe Map Quiz in Spanish, and US States Map Quiz in Spanish. These projects follow the game's general requirements regarding gameplay and controls. The difference is in the subject matter of the puzzles. Players can take quizzes about countries, capitals, lakes, provinces, flags, regions, cities, mountains, rivers, and landmarks. However, not all projects have all of these elements. Each project will focus on the highlights of the area.

For example, when you take the Europe quiz, the quizzes will revolve around European countries, Capitals, Cities, Rivers, Mountains, and Flags. However, when you go to Asia, you will experience quizzes about Countries, Cities, Provinces of China, Cities of India, and Flags. GeoGuessr will select highlights of each area to create unique projects.

In particular, the two latest projects completely conquered players with their unique inspiration, including World Geography and Anatomy & Science. In the World Geography project, players can experience 193 UN member states in a single quiz. Besides, puzzles about Continents, Major Cities, Rivers, Mountains, and Flags are always available. In contrast, the Anatomy & Science project will focus on understanding the human body in terms of organs, bones, brain, ear, eyes, skin, and heart. Anatomy quizzes are always attractive to many players because this project is the most special in the map quiz series. Besides, the players can get new knowledge about their own bodies.

However, Seterra's leading project has not been mentioned yet because the special thing always comes last. The top project is the US States Map Quiz with 50 States.

Seterra 50 States

Seterra 50 States becomes the most attractive puzzle in this map quiz series thanks to the familiar gameplay with the 50 states of the United States. On our website, this US version is also the preferred version and is placed on the home screen. Let's learn about the gameplay and states in this US version!

US Version Gameplay

The gameplay in the Seterra US version is similar to other versions. The game still includes different puzzles about location and you need to click on that location on the map. For each correct click, you will receive points. However, the number of collected points will depend on the number of attempts. For example, if you choose the correct location on the first try, you will receive 10 points. However, you can only get 5 points for the second attempt and 0 point for the third attempt. The difference in points ensures fairness for the game. After 3 tries, the yellow cat will give you the answer. Please click according to the yellow cat's instructions to proceed to the next puzzles!

In addition to the difference in points, you can also see the difference in color. If you are correct on the first try, the color of that location is white. On the second try, you will see the answer in yellow and the wrong answers in red.

With 50 states in this project version, how many points can you conquer? It will all depend on memory and knowledge of the states' location. To help players achieve higher scores in the 50 States puzzles, the locations of the states will be announced below!

Location of Seterra 50 States

The location of the US states will be divided into different regions. Each region will have prominent states.

  • Island: There are two island locations including Hawaii and Alaska. They are in the southwest of the map. Alaska will have a larger area than Hawaii.
  • States bordering Canada: There are 14 states bordering Canada. They are northern states including Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. These states are listed from west to east.
  • States bordering the sea: There are 19 states bordering the sea. These states do not include listed those above and are also listed from west to east. They include Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.
  • Central States: Central States include Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia. These states are listed from west to east and from north to south.

The challenge of the 50-state version is the large number. Normally, it is not easy to remember all the names of the 50 states. In this game, players have to face those 50-state locations on the map, a huge challenge for both Americans and foreigners. However, after conquering this challenge, players will receive a lot of value including entertainment value and educational value. Through quizzes, players can learn a lot of knowledge about US geography and states. In particular, you can participate countless times to experience and challenge your memory ability. Recorded scores will help you evaluate your ability and progress in each participation. If this challenge is difficult, don't forget to keep an eye on the states' positions above. With these geographical suggestions, hopefully, players can win Seterra more easily!