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Connections Game

Find four words on the same topic

Connections Game is a guessing, intellectual game suitable for free time. Find four words on the same topic and divide them into four different topics.

On the board there are 16 different words, your task is to find four words that have the same topic. In these 16 words, there may be some terms that you do not know, look it up online and find out its meaning and characteristics. Guess the words and see if they have anything in common.

How to play

Submit four words

To find a topic, you need to choose four words that you think are most related to the same topic. Click the submit button to check if they are on the same topic or not. If you are correct, you will eliminate the correct answers in the previous attempt and continue to guess and submit the next four words of the same topic. Until you successfully complete all 16 words divided by four topics you win the game.

Guess up to four times

The game is not too difficult if you understand the rules and general characteristics of those words. You only have a maximum of 4 guesses, there is no going back, there are no hints given to you and you have to find the answer yourself.

No time constraints

Just calmly study the words in the table carefully until you are sure the four answers have the same topic and submit them. If you don't want to be wrong, this is the best way for you to limit your wrong guesses. There are not many guesses, you should know how to take advantage of as much time as possible to classify words correctly.