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Overview of the game Statele

Statele falls under the category of geography puzzle games. Test your knowledge of American states by identifying them based on their contours.

Daily challenges

The game provides a daily challenge where players have six attempts to correctly identify the American state being depicted. Each attempt is accompanied by additional information that aids the player in their search.

The distance to the secret state is displayed on the scoreboard, indicating how close the player is to the target. An arrow indicates the direction from the chosen state to the target state, while a percentage reflects the level of accuracy. The lower the percentage, the further the player is from the correct answer.

Add your name to the game list

The game keeps track of the player's progress in the statistics section, allowing them to monitor the number of rounds played, the percentage of victories, and the average statistical distance to the classified state. You can set up competitions, strive to improve their own results, and aim for the highest possible rating in the general statistics.

These signs are useful for guessing

There are several signs that can help you narrow down your guesses and increase your chances of finding the correct country.

The first sign is the geographic distance, which represents the distance between the country you guessed and the target country. A shorter distance indicates a higher likelihood of a correct guess or a narrower area to focus on.

The second sign is the compass direction, which provides six recommended directions: up, down, up left, up right, down left, and down right. These directions can guide you in determining the relative positioning of the target country compared to your guess.

Finally, the correct rate is an important indicator of your proximity to the desired answer. The higher the correct rate, the closer you are to identify the correct country. This rate takes into account the accuracy of your previous guesses and can help you gauge your progress in the game.

By paying attention to these identification signs and analyzing the feedback provided, you can strategically approach each guess and make informed decisions to narrow down the possibilities. Remember to utilize the geographic distance, compass direction, and correct rate to your advantage, increase your chances of successfully identifying the country associated with the flag.


Statele is an enjoyable game that combines geography, puzzle-solving, and competition. It provides a daily challenge that encourages players to expand their knowledge of American states. Whether playing alone or competing with friends, Statele offers a captivating and intellectually stimulating experience that can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

So, challenge yourself, explore the contours of different American states, and strive to improve your ranking in the game's general statistics. If you've mastered this game, expand your playing abilities in Seterra, guessing the locations of countries around the world with simpler gameplay mechanics. There are only questions and you need to guess the location of that country. Guessing will be easier if you understand geography. Is a challenge difficult for you?