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World Geography: Countries World

Learn and play in World Geography: Countries World

World Geography: Countries World is a puzzle game, guessing the geographical locations of countries on Earth. How many locations of 197 countries can you guess on the geographical map?

Guess the countries location

At the top of the screen is a quiz, asking about a random country out of 197 countries in the geographical map. You will indicate the correct location of each country. With a maximum of 3 guesses, the white display box is the position you guess correctly, the red display box is the position with the help of the game. Turn the blank map white with as many correct guesses as possible. Each time you guess correctly, the game will record the cumulative number you have in the total of 197 countries that need to be guessed.

Do not apply time in this game

The game gives you comfort in terms of time. You are not imposed by a fixed time, however the game will record the time it takes to complete guessing all country locations. If you want your name on the list of the game's fastest and highest finishers, you can improve your playing time and number of correct guesses.

Some suggestions from the game

You can choose to Skip some countries that you have never heard of or do not know its location. Choose questions that are easy to predict, then guess the difficult questions later. This increases your chances of guessing correctly without overusing the game's assistance. After guessing all the locations you can find, guess the locations you don't know. Not every country you know, don't worry, the game's help will help you do this.

You can also enlarge the screen to see the locations of countries more clearly, especially countries with small areas on the map. This location guessing game helps you get more impressions of countries other than the popular ones you know, increasing your level of knowledge about geography.

Adjust play options

Before starting the game, you can choose to keep or remove some of the areas displayed in Options. There are 6 regions that can be set and adjusted: Americas, Asia, North America, Europe, South America and Oceania. And you can also manually adjust the number of countries you want to guess. Choose easy mode or hard mode depending on your ability.

Preview the map

If you don't know the locations of the countries, you can look at the Map before starting to play. Here, summarize the countries with full names and locations. Zoom in to see and remember many country positions if you want to win more.


World Geography: Countries World is truly a meaningful game, combining learning and playing. This helps you better understand the Geography of countries around the world. This is a fun puzzle game, invite your friends to play to make the game even more interesting. You can try other versions of World Geography at our Seterra website. Immerse yourself in the world of this exciting geography game. The experience of learning while playing helps you gain more knowledge while entertaining you.