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Guess the countries in Worldle

Worldle is an engaging and educational geographic quiz game. This game challenges players to guess countries and territories based on their contours.

How to play

Playing Worldle is both enjoyable and enriching. Players are presented with a blacked-out territory and must carefully examine its contours to identify the corresponding country. By clicking on the lines and selecting the correct country from the provided list, players have six attempts to make an accurate guess.

Hints when you get lost

If a guess is incorrect, Worldle offers hints to guide players towards the correct answer. These hints indicate the distance between the attempted country and the silhouette on the map, as well as the direction in which the guess needs to be adjusted. The accuracy of the chosen option is displayed as a percentage.

Throughout the game, Worldle incorporates colored squares, such as gray, yellow, and green, to provide visual feedback. Green squares flash when the guess is close to the correct country, indicating a higher level of accuracy.

For those seeking a greater challenge, Worldle allows players to adjust the difficulty level. This can involve changing the accuracy score to a percentage by size, changing the rotation angle of the country silhouette, or even opting for an advanced version with hidden outlines. In the advanced mode, players rely solely on distance and direction to make accurate guesses, adding an extra layer of complexity.

Links on social networks

To enhance the overall experience, Worldle provides options for sharing results on social networks and the ability to explore the identified countries on Google Maps. This further encourages players to delve into the fascinating world of geography. Don't forget to share the highest score you earned, not only in this game but share your highest score in Seterra so everyone can admire it.

Rules to know

This game is a captivating game with simple rules that make it accessible to players of all levels.

Limit the number of guesses

To add an element of challenge, players are limited to a maximum of six attempts to guess the correct country. Incorrect guesses provide valuable hints in the form of distance and direction adjustments, helping players refine their choices. The accuracy of the guesses is measured as a percentage, allowing players to track their progress and strive for improvement.

Choose your level of play

For those seeking different levels of difficulty, Worldle offers customizable settings. Players can adjust factors such as accuracy score, rotation angle, or even opt for a version where the outlines are hidden, adding an additional layer of challenge and variety to the gameplay.

Practice every day

With daily rounds available, players can engage in continuous gameplay, testing their knowledge and observation skills on a regular basis. Each day brings a new challenge and an opportunity to sharpen their guesswork abilities.

In summary

Worldle is a captivating game that combines entertainment with education. With its intuitive gameplay mechanics, informative hints, customizable difficulty levels, and daily rounds, Worldle provides an immersive and rewarding experience for geography enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.