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Europe Flags Quiz

Quiz the geography game Europe Flags Quiz

Europe Flags Quiz gives you an experience and tests your understanding of geography. How many flags of the fifty-one countries in Europe can you recognize?

Guess the flag corresponding to the country

At the beginning of the game, there will be three different flags and a question about any flag and you indicate the correct country corresponding to that flag. If you guess correctly, the image tells you yellow, if you guess wrong, the image tells you red. You don't have much time to find the correct answer with outside help because you only have 5 seconds to guess. Use your reasoning to find the correct answer if you don't know the answer

Elimination is the most effective method of playing

If you know all the flags corresponding to the countries in Europe, this game is not difficult for you. However, the number of people who can know all of them is not many, so choosing the method of eliminating answers is the most optimal option so that you can guess correctly if you encounter a question that you do not know. Excluding answers that you know are not correct, choosing the remaining unknown option is the best way to play. Reason and think quickly because there is not much time for you to guess. You will make fifty-one consecutive guesses with random countries and see how many flags you guess correctly.

Benefits of the game

The combination of learning and playing helps you increase your memory more than normal studying. Along with that, the combination of images helps you remember longer.

Similar to learning, this game helps you better remember images of countries around the world, specifically Europe. There are a total of fifty-one European countries, how many countries' flags can you know clearly? The number of people who can know all fifty-one flags is not many, but knowing more or less depends on each player's ability to know.