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Who Are Ya?

Who Are Ya? is a puzzle recreation to guess the names of well-known soccer gamers withinside the world. Choose the positions and guess who they are.

This is a game that combines word puzzles like Wordle and finding famous football players in the world. Knowing many soccer players will benefit you in the game. Or if you want to supplement your knowledge about football players, this game is also very suitable for you.

Guess the names of well-known soccer players

Choose one of the positions that you like the most and start guessing. Pay attention to the number of words allowed to find out which players the game requires. The number of words needed to find each challenge is different. There are no hints for the first guess, so guess a name at random. The results of the guesses will give you the following hints:

  • The green color shows that the selected character is correct and in the correct position
  • The yellow color is displayed for the correct selected character but in the wrong position
  • The gray color displayed for the selected character is incorrect

In a challenge, you only have a maximum of six guesses. Based on the player's position, name and color of the characters will help you narrow down and find the correct answer. There's no need to rush to conclusions, think carefully before your next guess.

Football gamers and their positions

Explain the positions in a football formation

In a football team there are four basic positions: a goalkeeper, four defenders, four midfielders and two strikers. This is a fixed lineup that every football team has. And in each position there are different functions. To gain a deeper understanding of the functions of each position,

Famous football players in the world

This game brings together all the famous football players in the world. Not only that, you will meet some potential football players even though not many people know them. The challenge comes up with random names to see if you can guess them. Each famous football player comes with their position, choose the position you trust and know the most and start guessing.