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Word Detector

Word Detector is suitable for practicing and testing vocabulary. The game offers a number of letters, pair the letters together to find meaningful words.

Combine the letters to form meaningful words

The game gives you a certain number of characters. These characters can be created by many words with different meanings. Finding all the meaningful words from the given letters is the thing to do. Suggestions are displayed in empty boxes containing meaningful phrases. If you can't guess all the search terms, this is the solution for you. The empty cells containing the search phrase will show you the number of words to guess and how many characters a word has.

Three random characters appear permanently

Simple games make it possible for all types of players to play them. Any three characters is a certain number of characters and you need to find words that make sense with those three characters.

Meaningful words

The given character does not have to be a noun. It can be a verb, adjective or preposition as long as the letters combine to form a meaningful word. Words will be required more if the given characters can be written into many other words. And the further you go, the more words you search for.

The game is appropriate for kids

The game is simple and does not require too many words to find, so it is completely suitable for children who are learning more basic words. This is also the method for you to know more words or test your vocabulary. With an eye-catching design that attracts children along with simple game requirements, find meaningful words with just any three letters. After completing all the challenges in this game, experience Blossom Word Game to improve your vocabulary.