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Puzzle the intellectual game Flaggle

Flaggle is an engaging word-based guessing game that flags. Identify the flag of a particular country or territory as quickly and accurately as possible.

Each guess is met with a similar flag being displayed, indicating that the guess shares the same color scheme as the correct answer. The game simplifies the palette by using ten well-known colors, making it easier for players to make visual associations. This also helps you easily visualize and predict when at Seterra, another geographical challenge.

Predict the flag

Even if you have limited knowledge about chess or chess, there are still ample opportunities to make correct guesses. When a guess matches a color already present in the flag, it will be displayed in green. By carefully examining past guesses, players can narrow down their choices and focus their search for the mysterious flags. To make a guess, simply type the name of the country in the text box provided at the top of the screen.

Solving the puzzle becomes easier with a good understanding of flags. The game provides hints on the screen, which can further assist players in their quest. By following a few simple steps and using resources available on various websites, players can find the answers to the daily puzzles.

General rules

The rules of this game are simple, especially for those who may not possess extensive knowledge of flags. Players have the freedom to make as many guesses as they like until they find the correct flag. When the guessed color matches the flag, it will be displayed in green. This feature allows players to refine their search and focus on finding the mystery flag. By typing the name of the country associated with the flag in the provided text box, players can actively participate in the game and attempt to solve the puzzle.

Pay attention to the suggestions

In the game, you are given six unique guesses to correctly identify the country whose flag is being displayed. It is crucial to utilize your existing knowledge and the hints provided by the game to gather clues and make accurate guesses. The game offers three signs that can aid you in making predictions.

The Continent sign presents two check marks. A blue check indicates that your guess is correct, while a red check indicates an incorrect guess. This sign helps you narrow down the geographical area where the country is located, allowing you to focus your efforts.

The Size(km2) sign displays two arrows. An upward arrow indicates that the country you need to guess has a higher position in terms of size compared to your current guess, while a downward arrow suggests a lower position. Once you make a correct guess, the check mark will turn green with a v mark, confirming your accuracy.

The Distance sign shows the geographical distance between the country you guessed and the country you are searching for. The color of the sign changes from red to green, with blue indicating a closer geographical distance and red indicating a farther distance.

By paying attention to these signs and analyzing the hints provided, you can strategically approach each guess and increase your chances of successfully identifying the country associated with the flag.


Flaggle is an enjoyable game that challenges players to identify flags of different countries or territories. It provides a simplified color palette and offers hints to aid players in their quest. With an understanding of flags and a strategic approach, players can have an exciting and rewarding experience solving the daily puzzles.