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Blossom Word Game

Guess the word in Blossom Word Game

Blossom Word Game tests your vocabulary. Guess the twelve words made from the seven letters in the petals. Always use the central word in your predictions.

Guess the words

There are a total of seven different characters corresponding to the flower branches. You have to use those letters and guess them in the twelve words that need to be guessed. You can reverse the positions of letters to easily guess words you know.

Always use the middle character

The middle character is essential in words that must be guessed. This means that in the twelve words that must be guessed, the words must have at least one letter in the center of the flower. Words that do not use a central letter will not be scored.

At least the same character can be used

Except for the letter in the center of the flower, which must always be used, for the remaining letters, you can use them the next time you guess. Not all characters can be duplicated unless the word makes sense.

Guess words of at least four letters

Of the twelve words that need to be guessed, there are many words that can make it. You need to use at least four characters to create a meaningful word. If you make more than four letters, you will get extra points. This means your accumulated points will also be higher.

How to calculate points for correctly guessed words

  • Words made up of 4 letters get 2 points
  • Words made up of 5 characters add 4 points
  • Words made up of 6 characters add 6 points
  • Words made up of 7 characters add 12 points


Blossom Word Game is very suitable for many types of players. The words in the game are taken from English dictionary data, so there are absolutely no teencodes or profanities. Therefore, if the word is too difficult to guess, use a dictionary to look up the necessary information. Your vocabulary will improve quickly through this game.