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Geography challenges in GeoGuessr

GeoGuessr is an exciting online game, challenges players to test their geographic knowledge and deduction skills by correctly identifying random locations. Use clues presented through Google Street View images. Explore the images and utilize visual cues to pinpoint the location on a world map displayed in the bottom right corner.

How to play for newbies

Players have the freedom to manipulate the camera, panning it, zooming in or out, and navigating through the virtual world in their quest to determine their whereabouts. Once players have a clue about the location depicted, they can utilize the map in the lower right corner to assist in their navigation.

By clicking on the map, players drop a pin to mark their chosen location, subsequently making their guess. The pin can be moved multiple times before a final guess is submitted. However, if time runs out, the current location of the pin will be automatically submitted as the guess. In the absence of any chosen point, the default guess defaults to the middle of the map, representing the Pacific Ocean.

Show the correct answer after guessing

After making their guess, the game reveals the true location on the minimap, along with the player's guess and the distance between the two points. Players are awarded experience points based on the proximity of their guess to the actual location. These experience points contribute to their ranking and progression in the game. Additionally, players can earn badges by achieving specific goals or milestones.

Diverse game modes

In addition to the single-player mode, Geoguessr offers a variety of other engaging game modes to enhance the gaming experience:

Battle Royale: In this competitive mode, players engage in a race against time to identify a location before the timer expires. Rounds are typically played with a larger group of players, and the player who guesses the furthest from the actual location is eliminated. The process continues until only one player remains victorious.

Duel: This mode pits two players against each other as they compete to guess locations within a predetermined time limit. Each round, both players receive a score based on the distance between their guess and the actual location. The scores translate to points deducted from a total "health" pool until one player's health reaches zero, resulting in their defeat.

Daily Challenge: Once per day, players are presented with a special challenge that can only be attempted once. Completion of the challenge may unlock unique rewards, adding an element of excitement to the gameplay.

Streaks: In this mode, the objective shifts from guessing the closest location to correctly identifying the country or U.S. state. state. Each correct guess adds to the player's streak, and rounds continue until an incorrect guess is made.


Geoguessr is a captivating geography game that challenges players to use their observation and deduction skills to identify random locations based on Google Street View images. With the ability to pan, zoom, and explore virtual environments, players strive to pinpoint their location on a world map. The game feedback provides on the accuracy of their guesses, offering an engaging and educational experience.

The game provides an interactive and immersive way to explore the virtual world, testing players' understanding of geography, landmarks, and cultural cues. It is not only entertaining but also educational, helping players enhance their geographical knowledge and spatial awareness.

Whether playing alone or competing with others, this game offers a unique and enjoyable gaming experience that appeals to geography enthusiasts like Seterra, trivia lovers, and anyone seeking a fun way to expand their knowledge of the world.