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Enjoy the intellectual puzzle game

Wordle is absolutely a reliable game for players who love puzzles and intelligence. Guess the word to solve the puzzle in up to six guesses. Choose to find the correct word or wrong word.

Vocabulary test

This is an entertaining game thattests your vocabulary. It does not require advanced vocabulary but only very familiar and everyday vocabulary. However, among the countless five-letter words, can you guess it in a maximum of six guesses?

Tasks to be done

The task you need to do is to find and guess the five-letter word. There aren't any hints for you if you don't recognize the rules of the game. Guess whatever word comes to mind on your first guess and see which letter is closest to the word you need to find. When the blue characters become clearer and clearer, that is when you are closest to the word you are looking for.

Maximum six guesses

You can only guess a maximum of six times. Either you guess correctly six times, maybe less, or you guess wrong. Try to guess the correct words. Each new play is a new keyword. This means it gives you a surprise that you cannot predict.

Hints from game rules

There are three colors displayed during the search process. Yellow, gray and blue. Yellow displays a character that is similar or close in meaning to the word being searched. It can be correct or incorrect depending on the player's guessing ability. It also displays the correct character but is placed in the wrong position. . The gray color shows characters that are completely wrong and not in the list of words to search for. Green shows the character that is completely correct and preserves its position for the next guess. When the inside characters are all displayed in green and within a maximum of six guesses, it means you have won. Start looking for a new word!