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Colorfle is a fun and shade code puzzle game. Combine numbers and letters in up to six guesses and hints from the game side to find the required color code.

Guess the colors in Colorfle

A new experience for those who are passionate about art and are pursuing and learning about art. Do you know the basic color palette of red, purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue and purple? In addition to these basic colors, you will learn about many different colors based on the combination. The combination of colors, as well as the light and dark states of color, create an independent color. And each such color gives a color code and it is marked according to the formula #??????. In particular, question marks can be numbers or letters arranged mixed together. Even if it's just one number or one digit different, it still comes out as a different color. It can be an independent, distinct color or a similar color but different in light or dark state. Let's try to see if you can conquer this game.

Hints during guessing

Completely random and without any help coming from the game on the first guess, so make a wild guess on the first try. The result of the first try is the deciding factor for the next guess. The second guess hint can be displayed in three different colors.

The green color shows that the numbers or letters are correct and in the correct position.

The yellow color shows numbers or letters that are correct but not in the correct position.

The gray color is displayed for incorrect numbers or letters. The suggested colors will help you shorten and narrow the distance of guessing the color that the game requires.

Number of guesses

Limited to six guesses only. Think based on the suggested colors after wrong guesses to find the answer of the game. Especially the gray hint, remove it immediately after the next guess to narrow the range of color guesses to look for. At the same time, think firmly before making a decision for the next guess.

Rate the difficulty of the game

This game is considered a difficult puzzle game because you need to have expertise in colors or learn about colors. It is a combination of numbers and letters, so the range of guesses will be more difficult than a regular word game like Seterra. If you feel this game is too difficult to guess correctly, you can try a puzzle game. Easier. Once you've mastered it and your knowledge is wide, it's not too late to test and experience this game.