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Guess the national flag in Flag Quiz

Flag Quiz is an entertaining quiz game about the flags of all countries. Choose one of four flags and choose one that corresponds to the game's question.

This is a game that tests your knowledge of national flags around the world. There are many popular flags that you already know, but there are also many flags that you do not know because their popularity is not known to many people. However, show us how many flags of different countries you can correctly guess.

The game asks the question of finding the flag corresponding to that country. There are four flags given at random but only one flag is the correct answer. If you know that country's flag, quickly choose the correct answer. If you don't know the flag of that country, you can choose randomly or use the elimination method to find the correct answer. In case you don't know all four flags then you can use your luck. It can be right or wrong depending on how lucky you are.

Effective playing method

If you know all the national flags then this game is completely easy for you. However, whether it's a country you know or not, and how to have the best chance of guessing correctly can see some suggestions:

Use the exclusion method

If you know the flags in the four answers, you can easily choose the correct answer, but if there are flags that you don't know, I recommend using the elimination method. Eliminate flags that you know well from other countries to find the answer. This helps you avoid wasting answers on the wrong question.

Use luck

The probability of giving four answers is that you don't know or you don't know too much about the flags, you can use your hunch and luck in guessing. Each correct guess will help you remember more about that country.