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Countries Africa

Countries Africa gives you an experience of the geography of regions on Earth. Guess the location of African countries and show how well you know the geography.

Start playing Countries Africa

The map of Africa summarizes all its countries. The game will give you each country location question and you will find the correct place corresponding to that country's name. The question will appear at the top of the screen, the positions in the question are completely random, stimulating new players to guess. At the same time, players need to choose the correct location given by the corresponding location.

There is no limit to how many correct guesses you have to make, you just need to grope around and find the correct location corresponding to that country's name. If you find it too difficult to find, you can choose hints from the game.

Unlimited time

The game has no time limit so you can play as long as you want. I still encourage you to guess the location of all the countries in Africa. It not only helps you waste time but also helps you remember and guess each country on the geographical map.

Adjust according to the player's wishes

Africa has 54 different countries. Find all 54 countries that you can guess and find. Some countries are small so you can zoom in and put it where it belongs. A correct search will be ticked at the top of the screen on the right.

If you need to know the location of each country, you can see hints before starting the game. Enlarge the screen, see and remember the country's location, where it belongs. You can also manually remove or add some countries in the Options section if you want. It is divided into 5 regions of Africa, choose to add or remove regions to reduce the difficulty of the game.

Outstanding features in Countries Africa

Educational content

Geographical games are designed to impart knowledge about different regions, countries, cities, landmarks, and other geographical features. They often include facts, trivia, and information about various locations.

Interactive gameplay

These games provide interactive and engaging gameplay mechanics. Players may be required to answer questions, solve puzzles, identify locations on maps, or complete challenges related to geography.

Map exploration

Many geographical games involve map exploration. Players can navigate maps, zoom in and out, and discover various locations. This feature helps players develop spatial awareness and familiarity with different regions.

Quizzes and challenges

Geographical games often include quizzes and challenges that test players' knowledge. These activities encourage active learning and provide feedback to help players improve their understanding of geography.

Visuals and audio

The game often includes visually appealing graphics, maps, and images. They may also have audio elements such as background music or narration to enhance the overall experience. The gentle, evocative sound stimulates players to focus more on guessing and finding the location of each required location.

In short

Countries Africa geography game helps players learn and grasp the locations of countries in Africa. This is an educational game but also not boring and entertaining. Exciting sound makes players more focused on finding and guessing countries. If you love geography games, you can refer to other games on our Seterra website.