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Google Feud

Google Feud is an trivia game inspired by the suggested feature of the Google search engine. The player needs to correctly guess words that Google collects.

How to play Google Feud

Correctly answer the search terms

This game was inspired by the Google search engine when it was looking for a result. The game will give you a question, there are many choices in the search engine, and your task is to guess the correct words and phrases that Google gives search results. If you correctly guess the most searched words and phrases, you will be awarded many points. The number of points will gradually decrease if you correctly guess words and phrases with low search volume.

There are 10 answers that need to be searched for a question. You can only guess wrong up to three times. After three wrong guesses, the turn will end and the results will be returned to you. Whether your score is high or not depends on your ability to guess.

Diversity of topics

Before you start playing, you will be able to choose the topic you want to guess. There are four topics to choose from: Culture, People, Names, Questions. In these topics there are many random and diverse questions. Choose the topic you are most interested in to have a higher winning rate than the topic you know little about.

Google Feud Ideas

This game is inspired by the successful and famous reality TV show called Family Feud, America's most popular TV show for decades. In this TV show, two groups of families compete against each other to see which team wins and enters the next round to receive the prize.

Its gameplay is that the host asks a question, this question has been surveyed by 100 people and they are arranged according to the 10 most popular results. Of the two teams, one of them must correctly guess an outcome with the most votes. If either group guesses correctly, either group can choose to answer all the answers or give it to the opponent. If one of the two groups gets three wrong guesses, the result of the game belongs to the other team. This program is of great interest to many viewers. It is not only entertainment but also a way to better understand real-life knowledge.