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Hangaroo is an intellectual word guessing puzzle game. Choose the correct letters and complete the sentence. Rescue the kangaroo before he is hanged.

Rescue the hanging kangaroo

The state of the kangaroo when solving puzzle questions

The game revolves around the kangaroo character, who is being hanged. He can live or die depending on whether you solve the puzzle successfully or not. If you choose the right letter, it will encourage you, if you choose the wrong letter, it will change from a happy state to a critical state. The main goal is to save the kangaroo before it hangs completely.

A correctly selected letter may be repeated in multiple words or phrases, which helps narrow your guesses and get closer to the answer. If the wrong letter is chosen, a scar will be given. You only have a maximum of four wrong guesses, after the fourth time you guess wrong, the kangaroo will be completely hanged and die.

Many questions with different fields

Like Crossword, this is a game that tests your knowledge in many different fields. The question given to you is in any field, it can be a phrase, a city, a place name, ect. Extremely many areas are tested in this game. Experience it to see how much you understand.

Effective playing method

Each time you guess about any field, it can be a word or phrase that needs to be guessed. The more blank cells there are, the more difficult it is for you to guess. The optimal way to limit errors is to choose the vowels e, u, o, a, i, y. The chance of guessing one of these characters incorrectly is very low, so you should boldly choose them first and then choose the consonants. The more vowel letters you guess correctly, the closer you will get to the answer and the closer your guessing range will be.