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2048 Cuteness Edition

2048 in animal version

2048 Cuteness Edition is the 2048 game with animal version. With lovely graphics with many other animals, count all the animals appearing in this game.

Merge two similar images to create one image of greater value. Each image will mark the numbers corresponding to 2,4,8,16,32,... Each value corresponds to the image of different animals. It can be a dog, cat, rabbit, fox, ect. Animals will be recreated in this game and guess how many animals will appear in total.

Familiar gameplay

The game 2048 is so familiar to many players that there is no need to explain too much about how to play. However, some players definitely don't know the trick to earn high scores. So, some essential things that you should read.

Tips for playing effectively

  • Start from the corners: One effective strategy is to start from one of the corners, preferring the bottom left or bottom right corner. This allows you to build up larger numbers in one corner while leaving the other corner free for maneuvering tiles.
  • Plan your moves: Before making each move, take a moment to evaluate the current state of the board and plan your next move. Consider the potential consequences of each move, such as which tiles will be merged and how the remaining tiles will be affected.
  • Keep the highest number in a corner: Try to keep the highest-numbered tile in one of the corners. This helps create a cascading effect, where smaller numbers can be merged more easily while working towards combining larger numbers.
  • Prioritize merging larger numbers: Focus on merging tiles with higher numbers whenever possible. Combining larger numbers frees up space on the board and creates opportunities for future mergers.
  • Be cautious with the edges: Be careful when sliding tiles towards the edges, as it limits their potential for merging. It's generally better to keep tiles with higher values away from the edges unless you have a clear plan for merging them.
  • Pay attention to the highest tile value: Keep an eye on the highest tile value on the board. If it reaches a certain threshold (e.g., 512 or 1024), adjust your strategy to focus on merging tiles efficiently and creating opportunities for reaching the 2048 tile.

In short

2048 Cuteness Edition is another variation of 2048 with unique images of animals. Embark on this entertaining intellectual game right away.