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Dice Wars is a free dice game where you have to conquer enemy territory. Turn the war into a fun dice game. The fun of winning is for whoever is the luckiest.

Conquer territory with luck

In this game, you have the opportunity to fulfill your dream of becoming the ruler of the world and conquering the entire planet. The game presents a map divided into various colored territories, each represented by corresponding icons at the bottom of the screen. By selecting a territory, you initiate a battle using dice with numbers printed on them. You and your opponent take turns rolling the dice, and the player with the higher sum of numbers claims the territory. The objective is to continue battling until you control the entire map or your opponent does.

How to play

The game is originally designed for two players. Each player rolls a single die, and the one with the highest number gains one point. In the case of a tie, a "war" occurs, and both players roll two dice together. The player with the higher sum of the two dice receives two points. If a tie occurs again, an additional die is added to the roll, and the winner earns three points (and so on). The game continues until one player reaches a score of 10.

Upgraded playing variations

There are several variations to enhance the gameplay. In Variation 1, players roll two dice for normal play and increase it to three dice in the event of ties. Variation 2 is suitable for more than two players, where tied players proceed to a war. In Variation 3, players earn points based on the difference between their rolls. For example, if one player beats the other by three points, they will gain three points instead of just one. This variation is often played to a higher score, like 50, and allows for quick point swings during wars.

The summary

Dice Wars offers an exciting and strategic experience as you compete to dominate the world one territory at a time. With luck and tactical decisions, you can emerge victorious and secure global supremacy.