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Hangman helps you test and practice your vocabulary. Choose your favorite theme and guess the correct characters, complete the phrase to save the captain.

Rescue the captain by guessing the words

Beware of wrong characters

Select the topic of your choice, the game will give a random word, without suggestions. Your job is to choose the correct characters to rescue the captain, otherwise he will be strangled and die. Each incorrect letter will display the captain's body part. When all the captain's parts appear and hang on the rack, the game ends. Try to limit mistakes to be able to rescue the captain.

The way to limit wrong choices is to choose the vowel letters u,e,o,a,i. Not every word has five letters, but this is also the most optimal way to get to the correct answer. Once you know where the vowels are, choose the consonant you're thinking of. There are two cases: choose the correct or incorrect consonant, but they will guide you to the closest answer.

Pay attention to the time

A challenge will be performed in three minutes. During this time, try to focus on successfully solving challenging puzzles before the time allows as well as successfully rescuing them. Choosing random characters is not the right solution, it even makes the captain more likely to die. Be calm and use all your abilities to rescue the captain.

Variety of topics in Hangman

There are many topics for you to choose from such as Countries, Animals, Full Names, Fruits and Vegetables, Sports and European Cities. Choose one of six topics that you are most interested in to test your level of understanding. In addition, you will also learn a lot of interesting things about questions and topics that you are not good at. Another game has the same gameplay, only the character is a kangaroo in Hangaroo that you can try after this game.