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Heardle Unlimited

Heardle Unlimited is a puzzle game that guesses the names of famous songs in the world. Listen to the melody and guess a maximum of six times.

Guess the names of famous songs

Press the Play button to listen to the melody

Challenge for you is a famous song in the world. This is any song, but to reduce the difficulty for players, all of these songs are mostly in English so players can completely listen to the lyrics and guess the name of the song. Unlimited music genres to challenge you. Press the Play button to hear the melody, it only plays for the first five seconds of a song. You can also listen to the melody to guess.

Skip to hear more tunes

During the first guess, you can only listen to the melody of the song. Usually it doesn't have lyrics so it can be hard for you to visualize. Skip to skip the first guess to hear the next tune. Note, once you skip, you miss a chance to guess and you only have a maximum of six skips to completely listen to the song. Guess correctly or give up the challenge is your decision.

Diversity in songs

Heardle Unlimited's songs are compiled from famous songs around the world. It has a great influence on listeners around the world. This is an opportunity for you to listen, reminisce, and learn more about these songs. For those who know the song in the challenge is a reminiscence. For those who do not know the song in the challenge, their knowledge of music will be supplemented. These famous songs are not limited in genre or language, but most will be in English so listeners can easily understand. Visit Globle to find famous singers corresponding to that country.