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Heardle US-UK

Heardle US-UK takes you into the world of popular songs in US-UK. Test your musical knowledge with this game. Listen to the melody and guess up to six times.

Guess the name of the song US-UK

Play music to hear short tunes

Do you know many songs about US-UK? In this game, we have gathered countless different famous songs and randomly selected them to put into the challenge. Your job is to guess the correct song name. Listen to the song melody and guess for up to six times.

To start the game, click the Play button to listen to the first second, which is also the opening part of the song. You can listen to the melody as many times as you like if you want to guess without help. If you can recognize the requested song in the first guess, click on the answer, enter the song name and check the results.

Exchange support in guessing

Limit six guesses for a song guessing challenge. Use all the information you have to find the song name. Select Skip to listen for one more second. One more help is one lost guess so choose Skip if you want. You have a maximum of five skips and six guesses. However, Skip should not be overused. Instead, you should listen to the melody many times or ask for help from relatives in guessing the song name.

Suggestions in the answer

When you fill in any answer, the tool suggests a series of answers that will help you fill in the words that best match the answer. When you type the artist name or title, it will give you some suggestions, this has made it simple for you to guess the song name and prevent unnecessary wrong words or characters. This hint is only available in the version of the game with a wide range of guesses. For the game of guessing the name of a song by a specific singer, this suggestion is not available.