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Hokkaido Game

About Hokkaido Game

Hokkaido Game gives players fun experience of merging Japanese provinces. This is a new type of game that is different from the usual word guessing games.

If you are tired of playing games of guessing the names of provinces, countries around the world, and geographical features, then with this game you will not need to think too much. Just a little strategy to get the highest score possible is what you need to do in this game.

This game is very simple, just merging the provinces of the land of the rising sun - Japan is what you need to do. Two similar provinces were merged to form a larger province. You will combine provinces until you create the largest province in Japan, Hokkaido. The more major provinces and cities you create, the higher your score.

The game will end when the province container is full and cannot contain any more cities. Try to create links to create a chain of merging cities together. This is also the best strategy if you want to get a high score.

Some features of this game

Parameters are displayed

A table of parameters displayed in the right corner of the screen shows Japan's provinces and cities ranked by area from small to large. The value corresponds to its area. The more provinces and cities with large areas that are created, the higher the total score.

Compete with other opponents

A leaderboard is displayed next to the list of Japanese prefectures. This table records the highest scores achieved by players around the world. Try to be the one with the highest score and compete with other opponents and be the one with the highest score recorded on the list.