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Idle Breakout

Fun idle game Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout is an idle game that combines elements of classic brick-breaking games with idle gameplay mechanics. Break bricks by the balls on the screen. This is a different type of game that doesn't require luck like Snakes And Ladders.

Special features

The twist in this game is that it incorporates idle mechanics, meaning the game continues to progress even when you're not actively playing. As you break bricks, you earn resources and points that can be used to upgrade your paddle, ball, and other aspects of the game. These upgrades can increase your brick-breaking efficiency, allowing you to progress further and break tougher blocks.

The idle aspect of the game means that you can let it run in the background while still making progress. This makes the game a great choice for players who enjoy incremental or idle games, as well as those who appreciate the simple and addictive gameplay of brick-breaking classics.

Multicolored bricks

At the beginning of the game, the blue bricks can disappear with just one hit, but as you progress, the challenge becomes more difficult by changing the brick colors. Each tile will correspond to the number displayed on it to know how many times it takes to completely disappear. To narrow the number displayed on the tiles, you need the ball to have a faster smashing speed to reduce the time to perform your task.

The types of balls in this game

  • Standard Ball: This is the basic ball that you start the game with. It has average speed and power, and it bounces off the paddle and bricks like a typical ball.
  • Fireball: The Fireball has the ability to ignite bricks upon impact, causing them to be destroyed over time. This can be helpful for breaking through tougher blocks.
  • Multi-Ball: The Multi-Ball splits into multiple smaller balls upon hitting a brick, allowing you to break multiple blocks simultaneously. This can help you clear the screen more quickly.
  • Laser Ball: The Laser Ball shoots lasers that can destroy multiple bricks in a straight line. It provides a focused and powerful attack, allowing you to target specific areas on the screen.
  • Bomb Ball: The Bomb Ball explodes upon impact, destroying a large area of bricks around it. It can be particularly useful for clearing out clusters of blocks.
  • Electric Ball: The Electric Ball electrifies bricks upon hitting them, causing the shock to spread and destroy nearby bricks. It offers a chain reaction effect, enabling you to break multiple blocks with a single hit.