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Have fun with the classic Ludo Legend

Ludo Legend is a classic board game. Roll the dice, move smart and be the first to win! Hindering opponents makes it difficult for them to get home.

Lead the pieces to the home field

The primary objective of Ludo is to move all your game pieces, also known as tokens or pawns, from the starting area to the center of the game board, called the home area. The first player to successfully move all their tokens to the home area is declared the winner.

Form of board game

Ludo is typically played on a square-shaped game board divided into four colored quadrants, with each quadrant representing a player's starting area, home area, and travel path. The center of the board contains a "Home" square that serves as the destination for the tokens. This is a physical game using a board or piece of paper with dice and pieces equivalent to four colors. Now you can experience it online without having to have it.

Rules in the game

  • Tokens: Each player has a set of four tokens in their chosen color. The tokens start in the player's designated starting area.
  • Dices: Ludo is played with a six-sided dice, typically numbered from 1 to 6. The dice is rolled at the beginning of each turn to determine the number of spaces a player can move their tokens.
  • Movement: During the game, players take turns in a clockwise order. On their turn, a player rolls the dice and moves one of their tokens forward based on the number rolled. Tokens can only move forward along the designated path.
  • Capturing: If a player's token lands on a space occupied by an opponent's token, the opponent's token is captured and returned to the starting area. To re-enter a captured token into play, a player must roll a six on the dice.
  • Safe Zones: Each player has a safe zone within their own color quadrant, typically marked by a colored square. Tokens on these squares are safe from being captured by opponents.
  • Power of Six: When a player rolls a six on the dice, they receive an extra turn and can roll the dice again. If they roll consecutive sixes, they have the option to either continue moving the same token or choose a different token to move.
  • Blocking opponents: Players can strategically position their tokens to block opponents' progress, preventing them from advancing or capturing their tokens.