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Mahjong Dark Dimensions

Experience a different style of Mahjong

Mahjong Dark Dimensions is a modern twist on the traditional Mahjong. Clear all the tiles from the three-dimensional cube by matching pairs of identical tiles.

The game is played on a cube-shaped structure, consisting of multiple layers of tiles. Each layer is stacked on top of the previous one, forming a three-dimensional cube. The tiles are initially partially hidden, and as you match pairs, the cube rotates, revealing more tiles.

To make a match, you need to select two tiles with the same symbol or image that are unblocked on at least one side. Once you click on a matching pair, they disappear, and new tiles become accessible. The challenge lies in the fact that the cube is constantly rotating, adding a time pressure element to the game.

The ways to maximize your score

Match efficiently

Click on two tiles that have the same symbol or image to make a match. Be strategic in your matches by selecting tiles that will create additional matching opportunities.

Speed is key

Aim to solve puzzles as quickly as possible. Mahjong Dark Dimensions is a time-based game, so the faster you clear the cube, the higher your score will be. Keep an eye on the timer and try to complete matches quickly.

Utilize cube rotation

Mahjong Dark Dimensions allows you to rotate the cube to view different sides. Take advantage of this feature to find matches on the sides of the cube that are initially hidden. Moving blocks and exploring different angles can reveal new matching possibilities.

Plan ahead

Before making a move, take a moment to assess the cube and plan your next steps. Look for potential matches and consider how your moves will impact the overall board layout. Thinking will ahead help you create efficient matches and maximize your score.