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Have fun with classic Pacxon

Pacxon is an exciting and addictive arcade game that combines elements of two classic games: Pac-Man and Xonix. Mark your territory and avoid the ghosts.

Help Pac-Man mark territory

The game begins with Pac-Man positioned at the edge of the grid. The player's task is to maneuver Pac-Man throughout the playing area, creating walls that section off portions of the grid. To establish a wall, players guide Pac-Man along the grid's edges, moving it in a continuous path until it forms a complete loop. Once a loop is formed, the enclosed area is filled with Pac-Man's presence, claiming it as territory.

Beware of ghosts

Pac-Man must exercise caution, as ghosts patrol the grid. Contact with a ghost results in the loss of a life. To outsmart the ghosts, players can utilize power-ups, such as a temporary shield, to temporarily ward off the menacing enemies.

Create an effective strategy

The game presents a challenge by requiring players to strike a balance between claiming territory and avoiding the ghosts. As the game progresses, the ghosts become more agile and relentless, adding to the excitement and difficulty. Moreover, the grid becomes progressively larger, requiring strategic planning and quick reflexes to achieve success.

Power-ups in the game

  • Yellow Dot: The yellow dots are scattered throughout the game grid and serve as power-ups. When collected, they can temporarily increase Pac-Man's speed, making it easier to evade ghosts or quickly claim territory.
  • Cherry: Cherries are special power-ups that appear at certain intervals in the game. Collecting the cherry results in the player being awarded bonus points.
  • Banana: Bananas are another type of power-up that can appear in Pacxon. Collecting a banana grants Pac-Man a special ability or advantage.For example, it may freeze the ghosts temporarily, allowing the player to claim territory or navigate the grid more easily without the threat of ghost encounters.
  • Cream: Cream is another power-up that can enhance Pac-Man's abilities. Pac-Man can gain temporary invincibility for a short period when collecting a cream power-up. During this time, Pac-Man can freely move through ghosts without being harmed.