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Sensou challenges you to create a strategy to conquer the world. Compete with your opponents by betting to see who bets the most and wins that territory.

Strategy to conquer

Do you want to rule the world and make this world yours? Everything will determine your strategy for conquering the territory. Compete against one or more opponents and see who can dominate the most territory.

You and your opponents compete against each other by betting on the regions of a specific continent. Whoever bets on which area the most, that area belongs to that person. Bet until either you or your opponent conquers all areas of a continent. If you want to conquer and dominate the whole world, you must be the one who always wins to be able to move on and conquer another continent. If you fail, you need to win the next try again to be able to conquer the next level.

Conquer the world

Six levels correspond to six continents

The levels corresponding to the six continents are as follows: Oceania, South America, Europe, Africa, North America, Asia. Each continent is divided into different regions. You and your opponent can choose to conquer each area or split into different areas to see who can conquer the fastest. Conquering all regions of a continent completes that level.

Diverse game modes

Single mode

You will compete against AI enemies, which are created by the game itself. This is quite a difficult opponent for you if you don't know its fighting strategy, vice versa. If you know its strategy, you will easily win. Although your opponents fight in many different ways, if you are observant and spot the flaws, you will realize they have a few fixed strategies. Be very cautious, observant and observe your opponent's moves.

Multiplayer mode

Invite your friends to play with you in this mode. There is a maximum of seven players invited to play at the same time. The fight between friends should depend on the moves of the players, so you can only strategize based on your opponent's habits if you observe carefully. The more intense the fight, the better the match.