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Sliding Squares

Sharpen observation ability in Sliding Squares

Sliding Squares is a game that combines dexterity and observation skills. Slide the top square to the bottom row to reduce the number of squares.

Specifically about the game

More specifically, a square at the top of the screen will be moved to a square of the same color as it in the series of squares below. It will help reduce one row or many rows depending on the color of the overlapping squares. Reduce as many rows as possible because the row at the bottom of the screen will continue to fill up.

Concentrate and observe the color of the square you need to work on, it can change to any color so a certain level of concentration is required. When the squares are stacked too much and you cannot act quickly, the game will end when you touch the red line.

The pace of the challenge also becomes increasingly more difficult as the stacks of squares are filled faster. You must act quickly or stop playing.

Try your best to get high scores

Be patient and persistent in this game. Sliding squares can be challenging, especially as the complexity of the puzzles increases. Be patient and don't get discouraged if you don't succeed on your first try. Persistence and practice will improve your skills over time. The longer you maintain, the higher your score, so nothing is easy.


Sliding Squares is a game that combines dexterity, observation and strategic thinking. By observing initial alignments, planning moves, and practicing spatial awareness, you can enhance your performance and enjoy a rewarding experience solving puzzles or achieving patterns target. Have fun sliding those squares!