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The Loud House: Word Links

The Loud House: Word Links helps Lincoln, an adorable but often troubled boy in his chaotic daily life in The Loud House, search, guess and test his vocabulary.

Complete the vocabulary search challenge

Connect letters to make meaningful words

At the beginning of the game you will be given three random and mixed-arranged characters. This confusion makes you confused and unable to find the answer. But don't worry, because you can rearrange the letters by pressing the rotate button to make the letters move. Connect the letters into a word that makes sense and follows the game's route. The fact that you find a new word will be helpful for the game to consider for the next updates.

Number of words to search

The given characters can be formed into many different words. It can be a two-letter word or more than one letter word. One of the tips to know how many words you need to find is the empty boxes placed on the left side of the screen. Those empty boxes display how many characters a word has and the number of words to search for. Use that to find the word you need to guess.

As you do more challenges, the challenges will become increasingly difficult as the number of letters required increases, and the number of words required increases. Use your knowledge of vocabulary to successfully complete the challenge.

Seeking more information about The Loud House

This game is inspired by the American animated television series, The Loud House. This is an animated film that attracts many viewers, especially young children. The film centers around the tumultuous everyday adventures of a young boy named Lincoln Loud. He encountered many difficulties and in the end, he found a solution to those problems. Here, he again had trouble with his studies. However, he couldn't handle it alone and asked for your help. Help him succeed in the challenge of guessing and finding words.