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Ultimate Sudoku

Ultimate Sudoku fills the missing numbers in a 9x9 grid, ensuring that each row and column within the 3x3 subgrids contains non-overlapping numbers.

About Ultimate Sudoku

Complete the column by filling in the missing numbers

A 9x9 grid contains different cells along with different and random given numbers. The numbers provided are a clue for you to complete the remaining numbers from 1 to 9. The numbers provided are the starting point to help you fill in the remaining numbers. Follow the given rules and choose the easiest 3x3 grid to go first then complete the remaining grid.

Check each column and row

Each row of columns is interconnected. You need to fill in the numbers so that each column and row of the 9x9 grid has all the numbers and does not overlap. The best way to complete the problem is to make a 3x3 grid in horizontal or vertical rows, so the error rate will gradually decrease and will not take too much time or affect the next row or column.

Employ your own logic and reasoning

If you are new, this challenge may be difficult for you and there is no specific and certain strategy to fill in the numbers. However, don't worry too much because during the game, you will always receive support if you fill in incorrectly. A red sign will show you that you entered the wrong answer and need to re-enter the correct answer. Long-term practice will help you recognize the rules of the game and the most correct way to enter numbers. Learn and experience now.

Select game mode

There are three game modes suitable for each difficulty level of the challenge. Choose the mode that suits your abilities and start taking on the challenge.