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Word Find Puzzle

Word Find Puzzle searches for given words in an alphabet. Connect the letters in the alphabet to form the requested word. Explore search in a variety of topics.

About Word Find Puzzle

Connect letters to form meaningful words

An alphabet consisting of many random characters and randomly arranged without sequential order is quite confusing when starting to play. Stay calm and carefully observe the characters in the table and find the words you need to find one by one. Some words are required to be found in the left corner of the screen. You will find that word in the alphabet by connecting the letters together.

When a word is matched correctly, a line is left marked in different colors. A successfully found word will be displayed in a different color to keep you from getting confused. There is no limit to the number of words that need to be searched, but as you progress further, the number of words required to find will be larger and more complex.

Pay attention to the time

There is a certain amount of time for you to complete a task. Complete the task of finding the required letters before the time ends. Because the mission time is verified, it is fixed, you need to complete it before it runs out, or if you haven't completed it yet, try the challenge again.

Variety of topics

This is a game to practice your vocabulary so there are many topics for you to choose from such as animals, colors, flags, ect. And in each of these topics there are many levels to challenge you. Explore different themes one by one and start with the Animal theme. After you complete the levels in the Animals theme, you will move to the Colors theme. You need to complete a topic to unlock the next topic.