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Word Pics searches for a word that is a combination of two single words from two images. There are many different challenges for you to freely choose from.

Guess the word from two pictures

Combine two single words

The game uses any two images to combine into a word with a different meaning. Look at the details of each photo and combine it into a word. For example, in level one, there are two images, a cup and a cake, two words combined together to form a type of cake, Cupcake. Look at the focus of each picture to guess their word and combine it into a word that the game requires. The challenge becomes more and more difficult when an image can have many meanings and you need to guess the single word that matches the search word.

Seek support

If you feel that one of the levels is too difficult for you to guess, use two assists during the game. There are two supports corresponding to the two icons. The A symbol helps you find the right letter to put in the word you are looking for. The trash icon has the effect of removing all wrong characters in the word and you just need to arrange the remaining characters into empty cells. However, the support is limited so it is too difficult, so use this support, consult or ask for help from relatives and friends to help you.

Diverse challenges in the game

The game has 1000 different levels for you to test and practice your vocabulary. The game is very suitable for many different audiences, especially suitable for those who practice vocabulary. Observing images and guessing words at the same time helps players become more attractive. Enjoy and enjoy the levels in this word guessing game.