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Words Of Wonders

Words Of Wonders takes you to explore places around the world. Explore natural wonders through letter making. Create meaningful words from any three letters.

Explore words in Words Of Wonders

Create meaningful words from three letters

Starting the game, you will be given any three characters. Join the letters together to find all the words that make sense. A table of empty cells on the left is a suggestion for the number of words you need to search for. Try combining characters by concatenating them, sometimes you will help the game to collect a new term and be considered in its updates. As you complete more challenges, the difficulty of the game will increase by adding any characters and the number of words to find increases.

Reviews about this game

This game is considered suitable for children with the purpose of learning and learning more basic words. There are not many difficult words and it is completely applied from practice so it is completely suitable for children. The words searched can be nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, all words that have meanings in the English word sesame. In addition, this game is also very suitable for those who practice learning English vocabulary, suitable for basic English learners.

Visit famous landmarks in the world

In this game you will visit many famous landmarks in the world such as the Pyramids, Great Wall, Eiffel Tower, ect. These locations will be changed when you successfully complete the small challenges of a level. The levels represent a different famous landmark. The more levels you do, the more famous landmarks you can visit. Or try and discover how many famous landmarks appear in this game.