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World Geography: Countries America

Guess geography in World Geography: Countries America

World Geography: Countries America takes you into the world of geographical guessing. With thirty-five countries, how many can you guess correctly? In contrast to the World Geography: Countries World version, this version is more specific about the Americas.

The game begins in one of thirty-five different countries in the Americas. The job you need to do is guess the locations of countries according to each game's requirements. The correct choice will be marked in white, marked in red as the game's hint. How many questions in thirty-five countries can you guess correctly? Limit mistakes as much as possible because if you choose too many mistakes, you can stop the game with a low score. To guess many correct answers, first go to the Map to review the answers.

There are a total of thirty-five different countries in the Americas and each country has a different geographical location and size of territory. I think you should look at the Map before starting the game. This game will be easy to do for those who know geography well. For those who are not too good at Geography, you can still play normally because here we have suggestions for you if you have difficulty.

Tips to play effectively

See answers before playing

To be sure and answer many questions, look at the Map and pay attention to countries with small areas. This is the most challenging part because not many people know these countries.

Skip difficult questions

Skip the questions you don't know, choose the easy questions first. After completing a round of questions you know, it will be easier to narrow down the difficult questions.

Zoom map for precise selection

Countries have different areas, some countries have very large areas, some countries have very small areas. You need to Zoom in on the map to choose the correct location for each question.