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Hex Empire

Hex Empire guides you to become the ruler of every territory in the world. Compete with three other opponents and make their territory yours.

Create a strategy for domination

You and three other opponents will participate in a war for territory. Each army stands at the four corners of the territory. Whoever captures the territory and defeats the remaining three opponents will become the ruler of that territory. Each army has a capital center which is also its central base. Whichever of the three armies captures the center of the capital will expand it into its base and territory. The important thing is how you divide your army to dominate that territory. First expand your territory in empty lands, then after there is no more open land that can be exploited, start fighting for your opponent's territory.

Exploitation of wasteland

Each army has its own color. Make lands that don't belong to anyone yours before your opponents take them. The blue bases are lands that don't belong to anyone. Quickly make them your territory. The blue lands with port symbols are lands like blue bases, but it takes a lot of time to turn them into your territory, which means you need to mobilize many of your soldiers to exploit them. they.

Occupy your opponent's territory

After capturing all the pristine territories as yours, and there is no more land left to occupy, you now need to use your soldiers to fight your opponent's soldiers to make them yours. You will have an advantage when you have many soldiers and a large territory. Come up with the right dominating strategy so your opponents don't turn the tide.

Another domination game

This game guides you to create an effective strategy to conquer the world. Develop your full potential to become a global ruler. Turn lands into your colonies in this game and some other domination games like Dice Wars.