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Phone Numble

Phone Numble is a cellphone guessing sport utilized in US format. Guess correctly up to eight times at the number range from 00-000-0000 to 99-99-9999.

Guess the correct phone number

Like many other puzzle games, with this version, you will be exposed to numbers, specifically guessing the numbers in a random phone number. The phone form is US from 00-000-0000 to 99-99-9999. The numbers are drawn randomly and you need to choose numbers from 0 to 9 to find the phone number you are looking for.

Rules for guessing words

There is a rule that helps you guess a series of numbers based on their color. Guess any series of numbers on the first try and see the results sent to you.

  • If the selected number is green, it means you have chosen the correct number and that number is in the correct position.
  • If the selected number is yellow, it means you have chosen the correct number but the number is not placed in the correct position.
  • If the selected number is gray, it means you have chosen the wrong number and it means it is not in the range of numbers you want to guess.

Maximum eight guesses

The probability of guessing correctly in this game is much lower than other common word guessing games. Because the number of guesses is greater, the chance of guessing correctly is also lower. However, you can rely on luck or have your strategy up to eight guesses. Consider hints from wrong guesses to narrow the range of guesses to get closer to the answer.

Phone Numble reviews

This game is considered quite difficult compared to other common puzzle games. This is also an advanced puzzle game for people who are passionate, love and familiar with this puzzle genre. If you reach the pinnacle of games in the puzzle genre, conquering this game is not difficult. If you are not really familiar with this game, I suggest you a similar but easier game like Hangman.